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Kamil Kokot
11.06.2018 | 2 mins read

Sylius v1.2.0 released featuring Symfony 4 support

Four months after Sylius v1.1.0 was published, we are delighted to announce a new minor release, Sylius v1.2.0. During this time we were busy adapting our codebase to Symfony 4, making plugins development even easier and growing the ecosystem.

Symfony 4.1 support

To help your projects keep up with the constantly changing world of technology, this release features Symfony 4.1 support. Besides lots of new functionalities to make development even more enjoyable, it also brings fantastic performance improvements (like the one made to Router component, making it 77 times faster).

If you wish to stay with Symfony 3.4, we have got you covered! It is still supported and this won’t change until the next LTS version is published. Symfony 4.0 isn’t supported officially because its maintenance ends in two months.

Plugin development made easier

We deeply believe that our plugin system is one of the most important factors for Sylius ecosystem growth. Reaching the highest quality is possible by built-in testing architecture and empowering BDD practices. This is why we have focused on making their development even easier!

Starting with v1.2.0, you can use custom factories and repositories services in ResourceBundle. Previously, in order to use resource controller with a custom factory or repository method, you had to decorate the original service, which made impossible for more than one plugin to decorate the same service. Currently, it is a matter of creating a dedicated service which will be used only in your own plugin. See the documentation for more information on the usage of custom factories or custom repositories.

Growing the ecosystem

As for June 2018, there are already 60 Sylius plugins registered on Packagist. Apart from core developments, we have started working on two official plugins addressing widely popular needs: order creation in administrator panel and repeating already placed order as a customer. Any contribution highly welcomed!

Give it a try!

If you would like to give Sylius a test ride, check out our demo.

You can install Sylius following instructions in the documentation or upgrade your existing application following our upgrade guide.

Getting started with Sylius

It is always a right time to start! If you would like to kick-start your career and become proficient in Sylius with ease, we have launched three days long classroom training course with Sylius founder, happening in Berlin in July. Check out the training courses page for more details!

What is next?

The roadmap for v1.3.0 release (including Symfony Flex integration!) will be published in the upcoming weeks. Stay tuned and subscribe to our newsletter!

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