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What is Progressive Web App and what it means for the future of eCommerce projects

Learn what is PWA and why biggest enterprise companies on the market like Twitter or Alibaba are already using them to expand their growth.

Security releases announcement – August 2020

Fixes for two security vulnerabilities found in Sylius/SyliusResourceBundle.

What’s the Plus? Loyalty features on point

This time let’s take a look at Sylius Plus and our new apple of the eye - the Sylius Plus Loyalty System.

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Built-in charts in Sylius | Sylius Inside Out

The benefits of having a way to analyze sales in your eCommerce management system are undeniable. It’s an easy way to check some of the most important data about your shop’s performance.

API for a modern Symfony application

How to combine the logic provided by Sylius with your own custom subsystems or frontends? The answer is, of course, creating the right API - so that any developer will be able to use Sylius in any environment without any problems.

Architecture Decision Records in Sylius

We decided to be more transparent with the Sylius Community about our choices. Eventually, they affect Sylius users the most. To achieve this goal, we commenced a new approach to technical documentation - Architecture Decision Records.

The future of Sylius API

We are working heavily with API Platform integration. Are you concerned about the future of Sylius API? If yes, then this blog post just may answer your questions

Introducing Sylius Technology Partner Program

We are extending our fast-growing Sylius Partner Program to complement the newly opened Sylius Store and accelerate the development of new extensions and integrations.

Plugin Development Guide is Now Available

For everyone wondering how to develop Sylius plugins in the most efficient way - worry not, Mateusz has your back! Our awesome engineer created the Plugin Development Guide for you