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SyliusResourceBundle – How to Develop Your CRUD Apps Faster

Become a better developer and develop your CRUD apps faster with SyliusResourceBundle!

BDD in Sylius: Part One

First of the series of articles about Behat usage in our beloved project.

Community Organization & Roadmap for 2018

Learn about our development & ecosystem plans for this year and the new Core Team structure.

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Sylius v1.1.0 Released with the New Website

We are happy to announce the availability of Sylius v1.1.0, which comes with a completely new website at

How-To: Manage Fixtures (Sample Data) in Your Project with SyliusFixturesBundle

Learn how to create sample data with SyliusFixtureBundle.

Extending Sylius with Plugins & Bundles

We are approaching our first Stable Release and it is high time to publish an official listing of Plugins & Bundles which you can use to extend standard Sylius functionality.

New Sylius API For Modern eCommerce Web Apps (SPA/PWA)

We have a really strong belief that the next-generation eCommerce platform is not the one with all possible features, but the one that integrates with the best tools in the category. Read our latest blog post and find out why Sylius ShopApiPlugin is our another step in the direction of modern eCommerce projects with separate frontend applications.