Vendor: Netgen
Version: ^1.8
Last update: 05/02/2021
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Netgen Layouts & Sylius integration

Netgen Layouts enables you to build and manage complex web pages in a simpler way and with less coding. The architecture of Netgen Layouts separates content and design and the  drag&drop interface makes it easy to manage page blocks without losing the extensibility for your complex web projects. In other words, many tasks which usually need developers can be done by site builders and editors. Once the blocks are designed and implemented within Layouts, it becomes easy to assemble various types of web pages. Rearranging blocks and content of existing pages, creating new pages or showing different layout based on user context become easy tasks done in minutes.

Netgen Layouts is a Symfony based application which can be used on top of Sylius. You can either:

Besides native features, Netgen Layouts provides a simple way to use your Sylius shop with systems like CMS-es (e.g. existing Contentful integration) or integrate bespoke systems via remote APIs.

Netgen Layouts is an Open Core product with the main part open source under MIT license and some commercial features available with Support Subscription. More info:

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