Vendor: PayPlug
Version: ^1.8.6, ^v1.9.0
Last update: 07/07/2021
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PayPlug Payments Plugin

PayPlug is a payment solution allowing merchants to accept online payments from Visa, MasterCard and CB cards.


PayPlug’s primary goal is to meet the specific needs of small and medium e-commerce companies :
– Simple set up and management
– Safety
– Optimized conversion
– Support


Accept payments
– Fastest set up on the market, with no technical skills required
– Plugin developed by PayPlug, configurable with just a few clicks
– Reception of online credit card payments from CB, Visa, Mastercard, without needing an extra merchant account

Boost your sales
– Customizable payment page, optimized for mobile devices, integrated or redirected
– Customizable or predictive 3-D Secure tool (Smart 3-D Secure)
NEW: Installment payments with Oney. Main benefits: immediately receive the complete amount of the order to enjoy a serene cash flow; Potential frauds and unpaid transactions will be managed by Oney

Monitor your performances
– Real-time updates on your transactions and the possibility to send payment demands via SMS or email to recover sales
– Transaction history and accounting records with one click, using the management interface
– Personalized support in English, French and Italian


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