Vendor: PayPlug
Version: ^1.8
Last update: 11/01/2021
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PayPlug Payments Plugin

PayPlug is a payment solution allowing merchants to accept online payments from Visa, MasterCard and CB cards.

What this product does for you

PayPlug’s primary goal is to meet the specific needs of small and medium e-commerce companies :
– Simple set up and management
– Safety
– Optimized conversion
– Support


Accept payments
– Fastest set up on the market, with no technical skills required
– Plugin developed by PayPlug, configurable with just a few clicks
– Reception of online credit card payments from CB, Visa, Mastercard, without needing an extra merchant account

Boost your sales
– Customizable payment page, optimized for mobile devices, integrated or redirected
– One-click payment with secure card information storage
– Customizable or predictive 3-D Secure tool (Smart 3-D Secure)

Monitor your performances
– Real-time updates on your transactions and the possibility to send payment demands via SMS or email to recover sales
– Transaction history and accounting records with one click, using the management interface
– Personalized support in English, French and Italian


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