Vendor: Prometee
Version: ^1.3
Last update: 27/12/2019
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VIES Client Plugin

The plugin adds VIES entity for every customer data processed via Sylius, including VAT counting rules (inside EU and outside EU).

This plugin is adding :

  • two new attributes to the Channel entity allowing to know from which country your shop is from and what’s the European zone to target
  • VAT Number field to the Address entity
  • validation over VIES API on this field
  • validation of the address country (vat number country should equal to the address country)
  • the basic European rule allowing the seller not to charge VAT to foreign European customers who have provided a valid VAT number :
    • (Shop country === customer country vat number) then do nothing
    • (Shop country !== customer country vat number) then remove taxes


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