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Mollie Plugin Approved by Sylius by BitBag

As the Sylius Strategic Technology Partner, Mollie is our preferred payment solution provider for merchants in Benelux, DACH, and France. The integration supports the most popular payment methods like PayPal, ApplePay, or Klarna and features such as convenient checkout, partial order fulfillment, easy refunds, and more.

Product Management

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Akeneo Plugin by Webgriffe

This plugin integrates your Sylius store with Akeneo PIM.

Akeneo Plugin Approved by Sylius by Synolia

Official connector to synchronize product information between Sylius & Akeneo PIM.

Automated Association Plugin Approved by Sylius by Tataragne

This plugin enhances product associations with the automation process. Populate thousands of products associations in seconds with automation.

Callout Plugin by Setono

Allows configuring badges for a different set of products based on specific rules.

Variant Link Plugin by Setono

Enables linking directly to product variants.

Stock Movement Plugin by Setono

Log all stock movements in your shop. You can use this to create very accurate reports of your inventory movements.

Reserve Stock Plugin by Setono

This plugin will reserve items in your customers' carts in a given amount of time.

Cost Price Plugin by Setono

Adds a cost price property to your products.

Fragment Translation Plugin by Setono

Enables translation of fragments of text automatically.

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