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Mollie Plugin Approved by Sylius by BitBag

As the Sylius Strategic Technology Partner, Mollie is our preferred payment solution provider for merchants in Benelux, DACH, and France. The integration supports the most popular payment methods like PayPal, ApplePay, or Klarna and features such as convenient checkout, partial order fulfillment, easy refunds, and more.
price: FREE


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Access Control Layer Plugin by BitBag

This plugin allows you to create a flexible role, set its privileges and associate it to users.
price: €500.00

Scheduler Command Plugin Approved by Sylius by Synolia

Schedule Symfony Commands in your Sylius admin panel.
price: FREE

Partner Ads Plugin by Setono

Enables saving the affiliate partner ID when the visitor visits any page on your shop form the affiliate link.
price: FREE

Variant Link Plugin by Setono

Enables linking directly to product variants.
price: FREE

Stock Movement Plugin by Setono

Log all stock movements in your shop. You can use this to create very accurate reports of your inventory movements.
price: FREE

Scheduler Plugin by Setono

Sylius plugin to schedule jobs at the admin panel and track their status.
price: FREE

Tag Bag Plugin by Setono

A plugin that integrates the TagBagBundle into your Sylius project.
price: FREE

Trustpilot Plugin by Setono

Send follow up emails to your customers to entice them to leave feedback for you. The plugin uses Trustpilots AFS service.
price: FREE

Cost Price Plugin by Setono

Adds a cost price property to your products.
price: FREE

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